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Healthy Early Years London (HEYL)

Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) is an awards scheme funded by the Mayor of London which supports and recognises achievements in child health, wellbeing and development in early years settings. HEYL will help to reduce health inequalities by supporting a healthy start to life across themes that include healthy eating, oral and physical health and early cognitive development. HEYL complements and enhances the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage framework, adding to the focus on children, families and staff health and wellbeing.

Kerswell Kids Preschool has attended training and has completed the first steps award of the  Mayor of London’s HEALTHY EARLY YEARS LONDON scheme. 

Under this scheme, our next challenge is to achieve the Bronze level of the award which involves auditing ourselves consistently to develop our focus on health and wellbeing for staff, families and children in our setting. 

We will work with our Local  Authority and parents to identify areas for improvement and strive to work towards the betterment of our community via initiatives like:

Healthy Eating, Oral Health, Physical Activity

Speech, Language & Communication

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Immunisations and Infection Control

Parenting, Home Safety and Accident Prevention